Your sales power cord. Plug it in and start converting more leads.

Know your customers better with synced customer data. Increase your sales conversion rate with a personalized experience made possible by chatbots, integrations and other sales tools.

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Increase conversion for your website visitors

Help your website visitors make faster purchase decision by engaging them in real-time with live chat feature. You can also customise our no-code chatbot to help visitors find the right information.

Automate sales processes with intelligent automations. Prioritize and collaborate on conversations with little or no human touch.
Simpu is built to take the stress off your team.

Canned Responses

Automate repetitive inquiries, allowing your support team give the right amount of attention to customers that need them.

Team Inbox

Collaborate easier amongst teammates. Ensuring customers’ inquiries are answered by the most competent personnel.

Inbox Rules

Control your operational flow with rules, by defining what team gets to render certain kinds of support to customers.

Do more with
customer data

Take a data-driven approach to sales. Connect CRM, core banking backends and e-commerce apps like Hubspot, Shopify, Manbu to unify your customer data in one place.

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“Our agents, partners and merchants have enjoyed a seamless experience with us because we use Simpu. With Simpu everything has become simple.”

Alagbe Oluwasegun
Customer Success Lead, Nomba
Nomba CX Lead